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Tips For Art Activists

Insights from the User's Guide To Demanding The Impossible by The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination. Found at The Center For Artistic Activism.

"More information is not going to motivate us to act, neither are representations or pictures of politics, what makes us move is tasting dreams of what could be, stepping into the cracks where another world is coming into view."

"There are things that your body wants to do, things that you know are right, and yet the social norms manage to shape our bodies into “good behaviour”, rigid and regimented. (Mis)performance is simply having the courage (from the French coeur meaning literally from the heart) to let our bodies do what they want to do."

"Art Activists are good at finding the acupuncture points, those cracks in a system that can be wrenched open. As systems theorist Donella Meadows illustrates in her essay ‘Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System’, linear chains of cause and effect exist rarely in complex systems, but there are numerous levers where “small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything”. Of the twelve points listed she states that the three with of most leverage are the goal of a system, the paradigm used to design it and most importantly our power to transcend that paradigm. What she means is think utopian, present new sets of values and empower people with hope and confidence! Three things that are the stock strategies of art activism."