hümr: go from haha to hand-holding

What if we demanded to go humor-first when it comes to love?


What does humor have to do with love?

When looking for love, many people say they want to meet someone with a good sense of humor. We may be right to put humor high on our list of desirable qualities; after all, what makes us laugh is a reflection of our deepest held beliefs.

Decades of humor research reveals that having a shared sense of humor results in more successful romantic relationships. (Hall, 2017) Wordplay, absurdist, or dark — it doesn’t matter what type of humor makes you laugh the most, it just matters that you share that same type with your romantic partner. Hall remarks, “If you share a sense of what’s funny, it affirms you and affirms your relationship through laughter.”

With a booming industry of dating apps brokering our relationships, why aren’t their matchmaking algorithms centered around humor?

Do you know what type of humor makes you laugh the most?

Most people struggle to categorically answer that question. I’ve done some research, and to my knowledge, there are no quantified studies one can take to deduce their sense of humor type. That’s why I created a hümr quiz—this one is designed for 18-25 year old Science Gallery Dublin visitors with 5 minutes on their hands.

Yes, there are variances between Irish and American humor sensibilities.

I conducted initial research with the Science Gallery Dublin team to develop the hümr quiz. There have already been many surprising insights and who knows what we’ll learn throughout the exhibition.

What could we learn?

Do people know what type of humor they like the most? Do they feel like their results match or did they have an ah-ha haha moment? Do they consciously seek out partners who share their sense of humor? Would they want to use a dating app that put humor first?

Do the already partnered quiz takers have converging or diverging senses of humor? How important do they think having a shared sense of humor is to their relationship?

On view in INTIMACY at Science Gallery Dublin October 18th-February 24th, 2019.

I’ll be playing matchmaker with seven specially designed laugh-inducing activities on Valentine’s Day. There’s one for all seven hümr types: absurdist, bodily, dark, observational, physical, satirical, and wordplay.