Insecurities Security Screening

Are you walking around with a lot of baggage?

This pop-up street performance invited the audience to challenge notions of acceptance, of self and others. The performance began with an informational monologue by the ISA agents guiding the audience to ready their insecurities for screening. As we all know, insecurities come in all shapes and sizes. They can be small or big, lifelong or momentary, nagging or downright manageable. Like any efficiently run security checkpoint, this one had rules and protocols.

  1. The entire screening process was private, no one else would hear or know your insecurity unless you wanted them to.

  2. It was individual. Only one person permitted at a time.

  3. Only one insecurity permitted per bin— we couldn’t have them tangling up.


“If you feel something, say something.”


Staged at Risk/Reward’s PAVEMENT festival in Portland, OR on August 2nd, 2018.

PAVEMENT festival was curated by Tracy Cameron Francis.

Project made in collaboration and performed with Traci Sym and Katie Shook.


“We are highly trained agents and we’ve heard it all. Nothing you can say will shock us.”

Participants were instructed to whisper their insecurity into a secure bin. Agents then passed the bins through our secure scanner.

After screening was complete, the audience member was given a choice: to throw their insecurity to the wind, stomp on it, or scream into the bushes. Or, we could hold onto it for up to 12 hours.

Over 10 minutes, ISA agents secured a good 14-16 insecurities before the station was dismantled and they disappeared back into the crowd.