Participatory Satire

What happens when you get to participate in the punchline?


We think satire should jump off the page, out from behind the screen, and into public spaces.

Participatory SatireTM is a tongue-in-cheek style of demonstration that requires public participation. Think of it like we’re all going to act out the punchline of the giant joke that’s being played on us.


First, speculate.


We start by identifying an issue facing society or our environment. We do our research to find out what the root of the problem is.

Then, we what if…

Then, demonstrate.


Leading with a satirical approach, we demonstrate the outcome we don’t want as our reality. We design a fun way for everyone to participate in the joke. And, together, we demonstrate the absurdity of the issue.

These demonstrations are shapeshifters by necessity—taking their form based on the issue, audience, and context. No two should look alike.


Apply liberally in trouble spots.


We're inspired by...

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